What we're about

Ambition. Determination. Passion.

These were the emotions that drove us to move on from highly successful careers with major corporate recruiters and step out on our own.

Despite the risks, we knew that from within a mega-business — long-detached from its clients’ genuine concerns and unable to offer the type of service that we knew could propel a recruitment business to the next level — we couldn’t fully reach our potential.

If those emotions feel familiar to you, then partner with us.

When we began our journey, we met with countless recruitment investors and established business leaders. Without exception, we were left feeling as though we were being offered a raw deal — a loss of ownership, control, and the opportunity to profit from success in exchange for, what?

Every potential investor we met had long since ceased to work actively in recruitment. Instead, they sought to meddle, interfere, and, in all likelihood, hinder the ambition, determination, and passion of those they invested in. As investors, they were a long way — often a very long way — detached from the realities of founding, growing, and succeeding in business.

That’s not us.

Not only have we recently, and successfully, established new recruitment businesses; every one of our directors is still actively involved in recruitment. We do the research, we make the calls, and we build the client relationships. We understand recruitment because we do recruitment.

When you partner with us, you join a network of dedicated professionals who are serious about their work. We’re about more than just financial support: we’ve surrounded ourselves with individuals and business partners who excel at everything else you need to run a successful recruitment business.

An investment from us means you’ll gain the freedom to focus on what you do best: world-class recruitment.

We know each industry can have a profoundly different recruitment landscape. That’s why we favour business models that specialise in specific sectors and individuals who understand their market inside-out. We don’t claim to be expert recruiters in every sector.

You know your market. We know how to build a successful business.

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