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9 Directors
50+ years of combined recruitment experience
36,000 LinkedIn connections
100s of active clients
1000s of candidates placed

When we make an investment you’re not just getting seed finance, you’re getting a ticket to join a very successful club.

You’ll still run your business, but you’ll gain the opportunity to access a team of skilled and experienced professionals who have been there and done it all before. You’ll also get to share in their success via our focus on referring work within our team of trusted partners.

That’s why an investment from 11 Investments is a commitment to your success — meaning you’ll gain access to, and support from, our extensive contacts, including major corporate clients, talented business advisers, and a growing pool of referral work.

Sam Church

Director of The Sales Recruitment Company

Sam, based in London, is the founding Director of The Sales Recruitment Company. Sam's specialism is Sales, and with excellent experience in Sales recruitment, Sam will be a lead consultant.


Joe Curtis

Director of 11 Investments

Based in London, Joe is a Founding Director. His responsibilities are to grow and run 11 Investments. This is mainly through identifying new consultants to hire and businesses to invest in.


Jordan Stern

Director of Talent Lab

Jordan is Founding Director of Talent Lab and splits her time between London and Manchester. With extensive management experience, Jordan will be growing the business quickly across both locations.


Chris Shewry

Director of Higher Capital Consulting

Chris, based in London, is a Founding Director of Higher Capital Consulting, our Property Development recruitment business. Prior to recruitment, Chris worked in the construction space.


Charlie Rawstron

Director of 3Search

Based in London, Charlie is a Founding Director and effectively the people manager of 3Search London, with his main personal focus being Professional Services Marketing recruitment


Andy Sellers

Director of 3Search

Based in London, Andy is a Founding Director and a lead consultant, heading up our Financial Services Marketing practice. Andy runs all of our back office and technology support for 11 Investments